Is it 2015 already?!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Snapshot Day 2015 planning has begun! Stay tuned for more details.

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Happy Snapshot Day!

Today is the day! Libraries across the state are snapping photos, gathering patron comments, and keeping stats to capture a day in the life of and Alabama public library.  APLS can’t wait to see what you do!

After all your hard work hosting a Snapshot Day, make sure you put your results to work! ALA has 20 great tips on what to do with all those photos, stats, and patron comments:

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Last year we had about 25 libraries participate in Snapshot Day. We hope to have many more participate this year! This can be a great way to showcase your library and help your community see your value. Use the press release, tally sheet, comment cards, and other documents to help plan your Snapshot Day. The photos we received from libraries last year were fantastic, and really showed how important libraries are to their patrons.

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Snapshot Day Tool Kit!

Visit the APLS website for your official Snapshot Day tool kit!

Comment cards, a sample press release, a tally sheet, are all available with this year’s Snapshot Day logo! Check it out, download it, and make your Snapshot Day a breeze!

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Snapshot Day 2014!

Save the Date: September 24, 2014

Dear Public Librarians,

Public libraries are doing more for their communities than ever before. Libraries are providing free materials and services that some people cannot access anywhere else. Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if there were no libraries? How would your community be affected? Snapshot Day Alabama is a way to capture a typical day in the life at your public library and the vital services you provide. It is scheduled for September 24, 2014, and all the public libraries in the state are encouraged to join this initiative to help us show our worth. These snapshots of our libraries are a great way to show patrons, boards, towns and the Legislature the importance of Alabama’s public libraries.

All libraries are encouraged to schedule programs and collect photos, statistics, and patrons’ comments on this day. Because it may be difficult for some libraries to participate on that specific day, libraries may choose any day during that week to take part. A toolkit including a customizable press release, photo consent form, tally sheet, and tips sheet is attached.

Statistics gathered throughout the day include the number of patrons that you help with workforce recovery or school related assignments, number of reference questions answered, circulation data, number of program attendees, and number of patrons that come to the library. Libraries also have the opportunity to collect patron comments.  All together, this project should help create a picture of how important public libraries are to our communities.  We hope that you will share your photos, statistics, and comments with APLS! Submissions should be emailed to no later than October 20, 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Taylor at 334-213-3943 or

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It’s Coming…

The planning stages for Snapshot Day Alabama 2014 are starting… Get ready!

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Just one week!

Hi everyone,
Don’t forget next Thursday is Snapshot Day! While the official Snapshot Day is September 27th, remember you can choose any day during that week (September 24th-28th). Don’t forget to check out the toolkit for tools to help you.
Most of all…HAVE FUN!!!!

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