Snapshot Day is this month!

Snapshot Day Alabama is this month! On August 11, 2015, libraries around the state will be collecting photos, statistics, and patron comments to give people a peek into their daily lives. Sharing your story is more important than every – libraries are facing budget cuts in a world where many people don’t understand what we do.   Now is our chance to show them what really goes on at the library. Libraries don’t just offer book and materials – they offer programs and services that communities won’t find anywhere else. Use Snapshot Day as your way to tell your library’s story!

For the planning tool kit, visit the APLS Snapshot Day webpage:

From last year’s Snapshot Day:

Thomasville Public Library


Tuscaloosa Public Library


Florence-Lauderdale Public Library


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What the Patrons are Saying

Part of Snapshot Day is gathering comments from patrons. Their stories about what libraries mean to them can both motivate library staff to keep doing what they’re doing and push city officials and legislators to keep funding us. What is the best thing you’ve heard about your library from a patron?

Last year libraries around the state reported some inspiring comments from patrons:

“The Town Creek Public Library is the best resource we have. Whether making a copy, using the computer to print a document, or checking out a book or DVD, a public library is more important today than 200 years ago.”

A White Smith Memorial Library patron said libraries are important because of “Unlimited amount of information that can change your life. Use computers and books that are filled with information to better yourself in every way.”

“Dadeville Public Library is important to me because I just moved to town and I know nothing about anything. This library is a refuge for me. I do my important work here, enjoy the books, and I’m thankful [for] the Internet access.”

Oneonta Public Library patrons:


Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest patrons:


We can’t wait to read what your patrons say this year!  For more information and to download a toolkit to help your library participate, visit the APLS website:

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Photographs as an Advocacy Tool

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.




Photos can capture small moments that add up to a big message: Libraries are being used, they are important to community members, and they are offering essential services!  The photos above are from last year’s Snapshot Day.  They were submitted by (top to bottom) Attalla-Etowah County Public Library, Lawrence County Public Library, and Autauga-Prattville Public Library.  Participate in Snapshot Day to show how much impact your library has on your community!

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Why you should participate in Snapshot Day Alabama 2015

Often when I tell someone I’m a librarian, it seems the person I’m talking to has no idea what libraries do these days.  I have heard “Oh, that’s great you are doing something you enjoy even though libraries aren’t being used very much.” I have heard “You must love reading.”  And I have also heard, “Wow, I haven’t been in a library in 20 years!” It’s our job as librarians to inform people what really goes on in libraries these days!

From Summer Reading Programs to helping people find jobs to Maker Spaces to book clubs – there are so many interesting and important things public libraries are doing.  Snapshot Day is a way to show your community why they need you.  On August 11, 2015, take photos, collect patrons’ comments, and record statistics to give better insight on how important a “typical day” can be!

Use whatever you find helpful on the APLS website to help you have a successful Snapshot Day:

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Snapshot Day Alabama 2015 Announcement

Hello librarians!

Snapshot Day Alabama 2015 will be on August 11th! If that day isn’t good for you, just pick any day that week.  APLS wants to make it as easy as possible for you to participate.  Check out our webpage that offers tools, tips, and more information:

Will your library be participating?

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Is it 2015 already?!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Snapshot Day 2015 planning has begun! Stay tuned for more details.

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Happy Snapshot Day!

Today is the day! Libraries across the state are snapping photos, gathering patron comments, and keeping stats to capture a day in the life of and Alabama public library.  APLS can’t wait to see what you do!

After all your hard work hosting a Snapshot Day, make sure you put your results to work! ALA has 20 great tips on what to do with all those photos, stats, and patron comments:

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