It’s Coming…

The planning stages for Snapshot Day Alabama 2014 are starting… Get ready!

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Just one week!

Hi everyone,
Don’t forget next Thursday is Snapshot Day! While the official Snapshot Day is September 27th, remember you can choose any day during that week (September 24th-28th). Don’t forget to check out the toolkit for tools to help you.
Most of all…HAVE FUN!!!!

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Have you checked out the Toolkit?

Do you need forms for comments? Do you need photo release forms? What about a sample and adaptable press release form? Check out the Toolkit here in order to download a copy of everything you need. You can also use your Geek the Library postcards to collect comments that you can mail to your local and state legislature. Just don’t forget the stamp!

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Snapshot Day Alabama 2012

Dear Public Librarians,

How many times a day do you help someone with a resume? How many people do you help apply for a job online? How many books or DVD’s do you check out to patrons each day? How many people walk through your doors each day?

The Alabama Public Library Service needs your help. We are taking a snapshot of a typical day in the life of Alabama’s public libraries. All the public libraries in the state are encouraged to join this initiative to help us show our worth. This is a day to collect pictures and statistics throughout that day to combine together for overall totals. These snapshots of our libraries are a great way to show patrons, boards, towns and the legislature just how important Alabama’s public libraries are.

Snapshot Day is scheduled for Thursday, September 27, 2012. All libraries are encouraged to schedule programs and collect pictures and statistics on this day. Because it may be difficult for some libraries to participate on that specific day, libraries may choose any day from September 24-28 to take part in.  This way, all libraries have the chance to join in.

Statistics gathered throughout the day include the number of patrons that you help with jobs or school, number of reference questions answered, circulation, number of program attendees, number of patrons that come to the. Libraries also have the opportunity to collect patron comments that can also be shared. All together, this project should help create a picture of how important public libraries are to our communities.

For more information, please visit:, watch the APLS listserv or contact Denise Wetzel or Stephanie Taylor at 1-800-723-8459.

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6 Weeks to go!!!!!

Snapshot Day Alabama is Tuesday, September 27, 2011.  We urge everyone to participate. All the information you need is on the Snapshot Day Alabama blog at:

Visit the toolkit and print out the “Snapshot Tally Sheet” and keep it at all of your public service desks to make it easy to capture the day’s activities. Remember, you can pick ANY DAY to participate between September 26th-30th. The official Snapshot Day is September 27th.

The more libraries we have participating, the more impressive our final statistics will be, so please spread the word and ask everyone to participate! For more information, please visit the blog, watch the APLS listserv, email us at, or contact Denise Wetzel or Stephanie Taylor at 1-800- 723-8459.

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July 22 Update

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting the blog. We are super excited for Snapshot Day and it is only about 2 months away. The toolkit is now complete so make sure to download your sample Press Release. If you have any questions, email us at PR [at]

Have a great weekend,

Denise and Stephanie

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Snapshot Day Toolkit

Hi everyone,

Below are some tools to help make your Snapshot Day a success. Please take the time to download and look through each item to see how they may help you and your library. Together, we can all make Snapshot Day a success.

Snapshot Day Welcome Letter

Top Tips for Snapshot Day

Snapshot Day Consent

Snapshot Day Press Release

Snapshot Day Tally Sheet

Snapshot Day Comment Card

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